Thursday, 8 August 2019

The Need to Build Positive Mindset for Your Growth

This is going to be a fairly short article.

Today I am going to share with you few incidences:

When I was in middle school, I used to be a very pessimistic in nature.  Whenever people mentioned something different, I always found faults with their views and opinions.  Lack of exposure, openness and understanding resulted in this kind of mindset.  I was a frog in a well.

Later on and as years passed by, I grew up and saw that all of a sudden people started avoiding me.  They just disappeared and made excuses to be elsewhere.  I was surprised at this but over looked it.  When I reached college, and the same attitude continued and in a different place, I realised it was time for some concrete introspection. 

After many days, I started watching my thinking patterns.  I started to observe people and I realized that over a period of time, and unknowingly, I had started to absorb the negativity around me and that resulted in my personality.

Negativity is very easy to dorn.  It is very addictive too.  Talking to self using negative expressions, finding fault with everyone and attracting kind of company too started hampering my growth.

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I decided to change all of that one day.  This was a very tough process.  Shedding was not so easy.  Positivity gave slower results than negative mindset.  

I went to people to give me feedback which can help me improve.  I went to find ways to improve.  Finally a day came when I started to feel the magic of positivity taking over my personality.

Today, I realized that no matter the tough journey I had undertaken to develop an optimistic mindset, the amount of time invested maintaining it is much harder that the first half.

Though in this journey of self discovery, I realized a lot of things:

  • Sadly, I saw many people come to realize a little too late about their own limited beliefs.  
  • Many people are still trapped in their own mindsets and traditions.  I am not against any tradition and I truly respect all cultures.  Though there are certain man made practices which I do not agree with.  
  • When I started to realize my potential, I found a lot of people started having problems.  They created more problems.  Soon it became nothing short of an evergreen field of obstacles course.
When life became an obstacles course and full of challenges, I started getting stronger and faced those challenges head on. Somewhere I started to realize that whenever someone challenged me, it was my positive self talk and optimistic thought process that gave me the will power to face my battles.  Many times, alone.  

And then one day, I realized that the positive mindset had helped me in:
  • finding a path for myself
  • got me to toughen up
  • gave me the willpower to succeed
  • get creative with problems
  • find a middle path to solutions
  • get better control over my emotions
  • made me more practical
  • gave me strength to either find or create opportunities that will lead me to success one after the other.
  • I no longer attracted negative people only.  I was a magnet for positive people as well.  People from all walks of life started interacting with me and seeked out my company wherever I went.  
  • I was complimented that I brought smiles on people's faces.
  • With so much of positive energies surrounding me, I started attracting lucrative profiles that added weightage to my resume
  • My self esteem returned and so did faith in my abilities

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Overall, my experience with developing and maintaining a positive outlook on life has not only attracted company of intellectual people but also success at every turn.

I found partnerships that will provide me with more leverage in the industry.  I stumbled upon people who wanted to mentor me.  I found the will to convince my family to accept my current profile of being an entrepreneur.  The optimistic outlook gives me a strength to maintain discipline and keep me self motivated to work harder every day with a renewed sense of energy to conquer another goal.  

Positive mindset really works wonders. Change that, it works like magic.  And the best part is, I am still not had enough of this kind of magic!

Moral:  Positive outlook on things results in Positive outcomes!  Totally worth the efforts and time invested!  Therefore, always harbor and nurture your positive self affirmations.  

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Keep going guys! You will discover your own goals in life one day and they will come true!

- Article has been contributed by Entrenador Shruti Misra, an established Neuro-Leadership & Entrepreneur Coach | ABNLP Certified NLP Trainer, first lineage of Dr. John Grinder in Asia.

Monday, 1 July 2019

Sympathy, Empathy And Compassion = Which one is important for Workplace?

In my former days, when I was entering the industry, I was advised by professionals to have sympathetic attitude.

Having sympathy with your employees as a Human Resources professional was the "in" thing.  Every body expected to you answer that one word in order to ensure that you get the job.

Few years into my professional career, I was again advised by my seniors to become empathetic towards employees.

Although, the words are very closely related to one another, quite a number times, I have observed they are the mostly abused words, especially in the corporate world.

I have always found both words - sympathy and empathy to have no use or place in the cut-throat corporate environment.

Here are the reasons why:

  • While Sympathy means you can understand and relate with how a person is feeling, Empathy means that you can feel what the other person is feeling.  None of this results in anyone taking any particular action towards getting the feelings sorted or the problem to mitigate.
  • While using the word Sympathy may not get you around much, Empathy can attract people with more grief to you like a magnet.  Even if you develop empathy, it does not mean that you would be able to sort other people's problems as effectively.
  • While Sympathy can get you to open up about management issues, Empathy will restrict you to function effectively and efficiently.  Something that a Human Resources professional cannot afford.  
  • Both Sympathy and Empathy are very strong feelings and tend to generate equally strong emotions.  When these emotions accumulate, they generally tend to release few explosions.

So how can we, as professionals be more effective as human beings?  

How can we add more value to the work place and build a more human friendly culture?  

I have been seeking these answers for quite some time.  And I have come to a conclusion, that instead of have Sympathy and Empathy, we can instead be more Compassionate towards our fellow citizens.

Now let's begin by understanding compassion a little bit.  

Compassion is defined as the willingness to relieve the other person of their suffering. 

Sounds better?  Yes? No?  Well, read on....

Now how does this help you and your organization to succeed?

Well it helps in following ways:

  • It helps to review and get rid of age old practices that are causing grief to our employees.
  • It helps to relate with one another in more humane terms
  • It helps to re-structure our work culture to accommodate diversity
  • It encourages people to be more value driven and results driven.  This in turn, helps to mitigate office politics, leading to more productive and positive work culture.
  • It provides more hope to your people
  • It assists in rewarding people for their hard work
  • It nurtures people to seek their skills development and chart their own career path within an organization.
Compassion is a very strong emotion and can drive an organization to success if utilized in the right fashion.  

Today, when the competition is at its peak, jobs at all time low, a drop of compassion in the work culture can make a lot of difference to promote a good work ethics and people to explore their potentials at their ease.

People need more humanity in this world. Forget the rat race.  Instead the concept should be = Run your own Race.  Be a Role Model for others to find and take inspiration from you.  Empower your people by being more Human.

Be Ready to Act in the name of Compassion, if you want to be Employee - Centric!

- Article contributed by Entrenador Shruti Misra, a Neuro-Leadership & Entrepreneur Coach

Friday, 17 May 2019

How to Find a Mentor

Recently, upon achieving one success after the other - be it in terms of business or personal upgrading my professional qualifications in the market, I have come across a few people enquiring as how I got mentors.

Interesting isn't it?  In a world full of people, many a times, we are unable to find the right person at the right time who can not only direct us to our paths of success but also provide invaluable guidance for our growth.

People are really surprised whenever they hear that I have 3 mentors who guide me in my journey - Neuro-Leadership, Human Resources & Entrepreneurship Development.  My mentors are completely different from each other and I have met them at different points in my journey of life.

For those of you, who are seeking or have asked me few times about how I recognize and find my mentors, this article is dedicated to you.

To start with:  How to recognize a person who can be a mentor material to you?

Before I answer this question, I would like to tell you that the path to success is actually a chain reaction and you need key linkages to make all the difference in your world.

How key linkages work?

You may have heard quite a few times, that people give jobs to people they know.  Actually, I would like to further add here - People give jobs to people with whom they can connect with.

If you and I create a bond over a conversation or we have similar mindset in life or we share like minded thoughts about way of things, chances are that we have connected at some level sub-consciously.  Consciously, we term this connect as "clicked with the person" or "just gelled like two peas in a pot".

Now how to use this connectivity to your advantage in terms of mentoring?  We all have people whom we look upto, regardless of their age or presence in our lives.  We all have a lot of people in our lives who love giving free advices.

You have met them, haven't you?

A mentor for me is a person who I can look upto as a role model.  He / she is a person who has made it in their lives, where I would like to envision myself in few years' too.  By this, I am not saying that I would like to work with the same organizations they do or would stalk them till they consent to be my mentors.  But mentors are individuals who have really worked hard in their lives, have achieved battle scars to prove their worth and have also earned other people's respect over a period of time.

To give you few examples:

My first mentor was my grand uncle actually.  I was about to get enrolled in a MBA program and he was my guide who would prompt me forward or adjust my way of approach.  When I graduated, he was still around to give me a push here and there to help me take the first few steps in the corporate world.

My second mentor (who is still my mentor for Training & HR), was my ex-boss.  My third mentor was a person I connected with on LinkedIn and my fourth mentor was the person under whose guidance I pursued my NLP certification.

Thing is, based on my experiences, I found that you have to be open to learning and un-relearning.  Bouncing back quickly when faced with adversities and finding solutions to problems are few other things I found attracted like minded people towards you.  I also found that standing up for myself and sticking with my stand also attracted people towards me.  Mentors appreciate when they see you fight for yourself and your dreams.  Mentors are also people.  Sometimes, they also need to absorb some part of your positive and optimistic zeal to prove your worth so that they can in turn, feel motivated to guide you further.

What most people fail to understand about mentoring is that it is a two - way process.  Just like communication.

Few questions that can assist you upon finding your mentor:

  • What are you seeking for yourself?
  • What are you seeking from your mentor?
  • What is/are the set of skill(s) you need to learn from your mentor?
  • What is at stake and how much are you willing to invest?
  • Who is more compatible towards you?
  • What are your boundaries and have you set them before you join hands?
  • What are your guiding ethics, beliefs and values?
  • Are you sure that you will stick to your dream and find a way that leads towards it?

Ponder on the last question from above for few minutes.  

I have had my share of mentors who have tried to take advantage of my dream and tried to make me do things that I would not normally do.  For example, I was allotted a mentor who wanted to me "lie" to my network.  Lying to my network and my friends is a HUGE NO in my bucket list of beliefs and values.  When I refused, I was threatened to get fired.  You know what:  I refused to budge and called it quits.  Later on, I came to know that the mentor's contract was also terminated in due course of time for not giving results.

Call it Karma or Law of Attraction.  But the hard truth is, that to get ahead, you have to make sacrifices and stand up for yourself and your dreams.  I did.  While I carried on with my work and have good set of clients who respect me for my honesty and sincerity in the industry.

Second question that I am very frequently asked is:  How do you tackle the situation when a mentor wants you to work on something that you strongly disagree with?

There will also be mentors who would be mentoring couple of other start-ups and people.  They would also like you to work on projects which may or may not be in direct line of your interests.  Trust me, it is completely alright and legal to say NO.  

"No" is a powerful word.  It gives you  power over your decisions but also tells the other person that as you are choosy, you would rather do pursue your goals rather than work for someone else's.  You may loose few people along the way.  But the right mentor will also respect your decision and would really like to stay in touch.  

Remember, the mentor needs you as much as you need them.  It is a two-way process of mutual gain and professional interests.

Also remember, the simple word "No" takes you one step closer to your goal and takes you one step away from possible distractions.

Third question I frequently come across is:  How do I get to know that this can be my mentor?

Very simply put:  People who have progressed to some extent in their careers, are really looking forward to uplift others.  You just need to tap that one question that will trigger a series of discussions towards a mutual goal.  Some people are not very expressive.  Whereas, some people are very talkative.  You need to understand that at the end of the day, people are people.  You need to have patience and respect towards others in order to receive the same.  

With mentors, I did not get them immediately.  It took time and a lot of patience.  I needed to identify first as to what I am seeking.  An understanding of myself led me to seek similar or more advanced skills in the same line in others.  That is how, I recognized my mentors.  It's instinct as well.  People are always developing.  

One of my mentors hadn't realized his true potential of excellence until I had approached and pushed him towards it.  True mentors will always act like your guide in difficult times and give you space to develop yourself most of the time.  They understand that it takes a lot of effort and will power to shape your career the way you want, having experienced the same themselves.  They will also be the audience who will be looking out for you whenever, you do not seek them.  Not necessarily, letting you go or you cutting off completely.  But they are the ones who will always be available whenever you need some bit of advice.  This may take few weeks, months or even years.  With one of my mentors, I had reconnected over a gap of at least 5 years.  This is completely alright.

Remember, mentors role is not to spoon feed you.  They are also not there to hand hold you.  They are there because you need to develop a likewise skill of excellence that will take you to the next level of your journey.  

Understand that you need to be clear or have some what an idea as to the direction you wish you pursue before you approach anyone for mentorship.

Fourth question people frequently ask me:  How much of time one needs to invest with their mentor?

Thing is to identify, learn and master a particular skill is actually relative.  Some people can get it very quickly while others take time.  This is a very different from the "use and throw" practices people have become accustomed to in the corporate world.  

You cannot throw relationships aside just because you no longer have a need for them.  People come and go in one's life all the time.  It is very natural.  You may have noticed it also between relatives, family members, or even friends.

Thing is, that everyone here is pursuing their own goals in life.  They also need some space to collect themselves along the way.  

Initially, if you are new to the industry or business or venture, you may need a mentor few times a week.  Once you get the hang of things, then depending upon the nature of your work, you may either set a limit of the number of visit times or just approach as and when needed.

Do remember that the entire process is based on how you treat people and how you would want them to treat you.  No body like being discarded once a task is accomplished.  Therefore, would strongly advice you to do the same.  Likewise, no body is expecting that they become part of your social or family circles.  My advice is just to keep them at professional level.  

Summing up:  

Mentors are people too.  Respect them and earn their respect is a two way process.  Mentors need you to further their knowledge and experience just as much as you need them to help you with your progression in life.  Therefore, my advice is to treat people the way you want them to treat you.  Also, be clear and have a progressive mindset towards achieving your dreams.  If you do not pursue your goals, no one else will on your behalf.

Article has been contributed by Coach Shruti Misra.  All pictures used in this article are credited to Google Images.  In case you want to be mentored or coached by Entrenador Shruti Misra, you can reach us for an appointment and her availability on the details provided at the top of this page.

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Beauty of Having a Relationship with Self

It has been quite a while since my last post.  My readers have been wondering what have I been up to. Now I can tell you:  I am exploring something very unique and something very beautiful lately.  I am having a relationship with myself.

What is meant by having a relationship by one's self?

Do you remember the time when you had a relationship with other people?  Your parents, friends, relatives, partners, or pets?  A relationship with self is more like a feeling you develop for yourself whenever you think about you as a person. 


OK.  Let's work it out:  Visualize a Rose in your mind.  How do you see it?  Is it big or small?  What color is it?  How does it smell or how strong is that smell? Is is a lone bud about to be sprouted or is it in its full bloom? Is it thick or thin petaled? Is it round or oval in shape?  Is it healthy or is it withering away? Is it alone or has company? Does it have thorns?  What's their size?  Are they hindering someone to touch the Rose or absent from the plant?

There is no right or wrong answers.  These are just your imagination of the Rose in question.

Now blank your mind and visualize Yourself instead of the Rose which you saw earlier and ask yourself the same questions.  What is the answer? 

Again, your answer is neither right nor wrong.  It is how you perceive yourself.  A relationship with self is more like how much do you:

  • invest in your self
  • understand your self
  • what's your self worth in your eyes?
  • how do you treat yourself when no one is looking or in a crowded sense?
  • what opinions or judgments or feedback influence your thought process about yourself?
When you start realizing the importance of your own worth, you start developing a relationship with yourself.  

A true person is not the one who has more wealth or who has more credibility or who is more praised by others.  A true person is someone who has a brighter and clearer perspective of oneself and their ambitions in life.  A true person is someone who attracts others like a magnet.  People just cannot get enough of the light the shines from the true person.  The light does not harm other people around you then.  Nor does negativity sweeps through you as easily as it used to do earlier.

After all the training and certifications which I have done over a period of time, I realized the importance of having a stronger self worth and a better relationship with myself has led me towards success.  It no longer matters what people think anymore.  

I have been taking care of myself without compromising on my routine at any point of time.  This has also developed a more productive state of mind and affairs. My efficiency has increased and so has my self confidence.  I am always motivated now to try more things with myself, leading towards a more exciting and fulfilling life.

The pros are so many that its very interesting how my life has turned out.  Some people, who criticized or disapproved automatically from my life.  This made my life simpler to live and enjoy.  Some people who struggled initially to understand and went off on their own discoveries of self, came back and reported that they have a better peace of mind.  This has helped us with building strong relationships with each other once more.  Some people who were very clingy in natures, lost their hold and backed off.  This brought more space and flexibility in me.  I have more control on matters than matters have over me.

Why am I all of a sudden talking about this?  You may be wondering.

It is because to show you that having a relationship with one self feels not only very different but it also helps you build a stronger relationship with others.  The more you respect yourself, the more respect for people is reflected out of you.  You start appreciating life and this fills you up with gratitude.  You start feeling stress free and this state of mind is the topic of envy for many.

Best part is:  You really can start this at any point of time.  It's ageless and timeless.  Furthermore, it attracts good and positive things towards you.  Your health improves too. 

The canvas of your self identity is blank.  Only YOU have the POWER to fill it up!

Now, now I will not tell you everything.  Explore it yourself and let me know how did it go for you!

Do you want to learn how to go about it?  You can contact Coach Shruti Misra through Entrenador Consulting.  Details are mentioned on this blog.  The beauty of our organization is, that we not only preach but also make it a practice.  We live and contribute towards our development, only then we can reach out towards building a bridge for your development towards success.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Spice of Success - Law of Attraction fundamentals

Recently, I was asked to give a demonstration on a training program for a company in my city.

I started the program by emphasizing upon the Energy Factor affecting people's lives.

It was interesting to see the mystified expressions on the audiences' faces during the entire session.  It also triggered the topic of my next blog post.

People in their day to day lives, focusing on complex problems and just getting through their day - LISTEN UP!  This blog is for you!

Regardless of where you are from or what your education background has been, we have more or less at some point of time have experienced attraction or repulsion either with other people, opinions and actions in our society.

Regardless of what you have been up to, at one point of time, we all have experienced certain telepathy from an unexpected someone to trigger an event.  One example, just before this demonstration of how I facilitate my training programs, I was talking with someone about a another company who was to get in touch with me on a training program about 2 weeks' back.  In another 10 mins., I received a call from that person mentioning that I had called her regarding a matter.  Now the interesting thing is, that since we last chatted about 2 weeks ago, I have never once called her.

So what just happened here?

A lot of times, we spend our energies in doing somethings that may or may not provide us with desired results.  But at the same time, it triggers a series of coincidences in life. 

What are these coincidences in life? Or do we have such thing as a telepathic message transfer or coincidence in life?

Did you know that all of the human beings on this planet are inter-linked at our sub-conscious levels?  

We all are connected to each other!  

In fact, this information may sound strange at first but it isn't something new.  Many yogis, spiritual healers and aura readers can tell you that.

Have you ever realized that - some terms used commonly such as:

  1. Chi (popularized by Kunfu Panda animated movies)   

  2. Star Wars energy swords (The Jedi knights' powers)

  3. Law of Attraction (popularized by novel series - Secret)  
  4. Telepathic messaging (popularized by X-Men series) 
  5. Vibrations or aura from a person (popularized by various Reiki healers, Aura readers, Spiritualists, etc) 
- are all actually are various terminologies used for just one power - Energy!

All of us are actually energy bodies.  We like or dislike people based on the aura or energy received or perceived or judged by our unconscious and conscious self.  We make friends and enemies based on the kind energy we receive from other people more than their words.

You must be wondering :  So how does this all connects with success?

#1  Well, if you are positive, you attract mostly positivism.  

#2  If you desire making lots of money, you attract wealth.    

#3  If you desire to become famous, you attract fame and suddenly people start noticing you more.  The more people start noticing you, the more popular you become.  

We are totally connected!!

It is not me only.  But famous, established and successful coaches by the likes of Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy use the concepts and fundamentals derived from "Law of Attraction" in their programs.

This leads to a conclusion that if you want to succeed in your life - be it socially, professionally or even personally - Law of Attraction, if channelized wisely can lead to a satisfied, balanced and fulfilled life.

Law of Attraction can really prove to be one very powerful tool of Spice of Success.

- Article contributed by Entrenador Shruti Misra, a Neuro-Leadership & Business Coach.  She is also a Soft Skills Trainer & NLP Master Practitioner.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Power of Choice

Over the years of my life and corporate experience, I have come across people from all walks of life who have asked me questions like:

  • If I change job A to B, will it help progress my career further?
  • If I change the way I am, will it help get the desired results?
  • If he/she tells me to modify my attitude in a certain manner, will it be considered right?
  • I am unable to progress in the same role, would you advise that I should change my career altogether?
  • Having years of experience as an IT professional, do you consider that I can now establish myself as an entrepreneur?  If yes, what are my options?
  • I have 10 years of experience as mechanical engineer.  Now I am thinking of starting my own business.  I am clueless as how should I go about the matter.  But family does not desire me to take this path.  What should I do?
  • I am coming back from maternity leave and also have a gap of 5 years.  Unable to get a job, what options do I have now to make it back in the industry?

Recently, I got a query on Quora, about what is option is better:  Having own's business or a job?
(ref. link:  

Having answered the above question philosophically, I wanted to reach out to people through this blog, that no matter what you are, where you are, who you are and how you are, you have the ability and POWER to make a CHOICE as how to lead your life YOUR WAY.

There is no right or wrong profession.  There is no correct or incorrect path in the journey of life.  It is actually the choice you make today that guides your life forward by the actions you have taken to reach that objective in life.

Everyone has their own set of experiences and learning.  The obstacles of one may not seem important to another person.  If you make a choice today, you may face resistance.  But if you stick to them today, you will get the fruits you have worked for long one day.

Through this blog, I wanted to share with my readers that no matter who you are or where you are or what have you been through, this life is only ruled by your choices.  No body has a will to influence you or take decisions on your behalf, if you are clear on your goals and objectives in life.  Even if you are not, do not worry.  Make a choice and take an action today, and you will have a life which you deserve tomorrow.

Like I say that choices without action are incomplete fantasies.  In order to make your dream and goals a reality, ACT NOW.  Do not worry if things did not turn out the way you have imagined.  Keep trying till you have achieved it.  Find a middle path to negotiate your way forward.  Find balance to keep everything under your control.

Take ACCOUNTABILITY of your ACTIONS and OWN your CHOICES in life, and you will find paths that lead to SUCCESS shortly.

Remember, "where there's a will, there's a way".

- Article contributed by Entrenador Shruti Misra, a Neuro-Leadership & Business Coach.  We facilitate guest lectures, coaching and training programs in helping people realize their "Power of Choice".  To know more, get in touch today.

Monday, 16 April 2018

How to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset

In my previous blog, you would have come across the term "Entrepreneurial Mindset".

This article will elaborate on what is an Entrepreneurial Mindset and ways I built mine.

I will begin with a little background about me:

Born to service oriented professionals - my father from government sector and mother a teacher, and family background full of core government sectors and educationalists, my journey as an entrepreneur has not been easy.

The government or Raj concept is predominant in my family.  The motto is to stick with one job for the rest of your life, regardless of how one feels about it.  Even a simple concept of changing jobs when I was employed in the private sector, used to unnerve my parents initially.

So how did I convert from being "just an employee" to an "entrepreneur" now?  Read on.

Before you being your entrepreneurial journey, I strongly believe that you need to first adapt to how an entrepreneur thinks and behaves.  It is similar to adapting with any new culture one relocates to.  Having been exposed to several due to the nature of my father's job during my entire childhood, adapting to a new culture and mindset had become a habit of mine.

Believe me, even with this background, it was never easy to fit in totally.  It used to take a lot of time.  I was an introvert by nature. Gelling or clicking with other children used to take a lot of effort and time.

When I started my career as Business Management Trainee in one of the reputed MNCs in India, I used to have this service oriented mentality.  My behavior was very much similar to most of the people coming from like minded middle class families - get a job and stick to it.

When I started my job, in the year 2010, it was middle of recession and inflation.  I worked really hard.  Though, during my job, I came to realize and discover a lot of things:

  • Having a learner's approach got people to talk to me and share their success secrets
  • People from all walks of life taught me something new everyday
  • Humility and ignorance made paths for me to come out of my comfort zone and try new things to make things work and on my own
  • Planning gave me a start.  Though, without foreseeing probable obstacles forced me to adapt to creative problem solving approach
  • Few of my roles exposed me to interact with other people.  Networking internally got most of my problems and jobs much easier.  Having realized this, I never missed an opportunity for networking more.  
  • This got me addicted to understand and observe the behavior of those around me.

Over a period of time, I came to realize that being an entrepreneur is a way of life.  There were many behavioral changes one undergoes to become a successful profession.  Likewise, an entrepreneur is anyone who braves these changes and accepts challenges life throws at them with a pinch of salt.  There will be plenty of ups and downs in anyone's life.  But having courage, ownership for one's actions, taking control of one's life, determination and a strong will to over come challenges come what may, is the path towards developing an entrepreneur mindset. 

So when people ask me what is an entrepreneur by my definition:

An entrepreneur refers to that person who is willing to accept their differences, tries to make things work differently than others and contributes towards a larger dream and ambition, which is mostly above the "myself" concept.

How do you develop it?  Come out of your comfort zone and play the game your way.  Develop a courage to stand for your opinions and thought process.  Be the person you want to be and the change will automatically happen around you.

It took me more than 5 years to live a life which is more fulfilling, adventurous, self-satisfying, full of new learning and more rewarding. 

As an entrepreneur, I am proud to say that not only have I developed professionally but as a human being as well.

- Article contributed by Entrenador Shruti, a Neuro-Leadership & Business Coach.

The Need to Build Positive Mindset for Your Growth

This is going to be a fairly short article. Today I am going to share with you few incidences: When I was in middle school, I used to b...