Spice of Success - Law of Attraction fundamentals

Recently, I was asked to give a demonstration on a training program for a company in my city.

I started the program by emphasizing upon the Energy Factor affecting people's lives.

It was interesting to see the mystified expressions on the audiences' faces during the entire session.  It also triggered the topic of my next blog post.

People in their day to day lives, focusing on complex problems and just getting through their day - LISTEN UP!  This blog is for you!

Regardless of where you are from or what your education background has been, we have more or less at some point of time have experienced attraction or repulsion either with other people, opinions and actions in our society.

Regardless of what you have been up to, at one point of time, we all have experienced certain telepathy from an unexpected someone to trigger an event.  One example, just before this demonstration of how I facilitate my training programs, I was talking with someone about a another company who was …

Power of Choice

Over the years of my life and corporate experience, I have come across people from all walks of life who have asked me questions like:

If I change job A to B, will it help progress my career further?If I change the way I am, will it help get the desired results?If he/she tells me to modify my attitude in a certain manner, will it be considered right?I am unable to progress in the same role, would you advise that I should change my career altogether?Having years of experience as an IT professional, do you consider that I can now establish myself as an entrepreneur?  If yes, what are my options?I have 10 years of experience as mechanical engineer.  Now I am thinking of starting my own business.  I am clueless as how should I go about the matter.  But family does not desire me to take this path.  What should I do?I am coming back from maternity leave and also have a gap of 5 years.  Unable to get a job, what options do I have now to make it back in the industry?
Recently, I got a query o…

How to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset

In my previous blog, you would have come across the term "Entrepreneurial Mindset".

This article will elaborate on what is an Entrepreneurial Mindset and ways I built mine.

I will begin with a little background about me:

Born to service oriented professionals - my father from government sector and mother a teacher, and family background full of core government sectors and educationalists, my journey as an entrepreneur has not been easy.

The government or Raj concept is predominant in my family.  The motto is to stick with one job for the rest of your life, regardless of how one feels about it.  Even a simple concept of changing jobs when I was employed in the private sector, used to unnerve my parents initially.

So how did I convert from being "just an employee" to an "entrepreneur" now?  Read on.

Before you being your entrepreneurial journey, I strongly believe that you need to first adapt to how an entrepreneur thinks and behaves.  It is similar to ada…

Change Management for Self

You may have come across a lot of new terms recently or over a period of past few years:
Change AgentsChange ChampionsChange Enablers

Who or what are they?  And why are they held so important today?
Let's start by defining the terms: Change Agents:  Popularly known as Agents of Change.  Refer to those people who, from inside or outside the organization, help it to transform by focusing on improving business processes and interpersonal interactions.  They are responsible for:
Promoting the value of the transformation that is being undertaken by the organizationFormulating how the transformation will happenGuiding and supporting others through the transformation Ensuring that the new processes, procedures, structures, etc., are implemented in ways that deliver the expected value that the organizational change was to produce             2. Change Champions:  Refer to those individuals, who within an organization, are either selected or volunteer to facilitate change.  They advocate for …

Let's Improv to Improve!

I have not really covered the topics which I generally teach in my NLP for Business workshops.

As one of the topics to master in our NLP for Business training workshops, I teach the Improvisational (or Improv) technique to my participants.  The reason is that as most of you know that NLP is a form of brain training is a highly advanced skills and applications based program.  Likewise, Improv also is a highly developed application based skill that one needs to learn first hand before applying effectively.

You must be wondering as to where this concept comes from?

Improv is a dramatic arts based skill sets which are taught to actors to develop their on Spot Thinking ability.

How does it helps professionals from corporate world? Well, read on....

Improvisation is a form of communication based art form that is also based in some principles of business.  The two worlds of art and business are not that distinct from each other.

In today's world where there is just so much going on, peopl…

Eye Contact in Communication

A lot of times, when I had been asked to deliver soft skills training, most of my participants had this fear of making a proper eye contact with the person they talk to.

Out of all our senses used in communication, having an eye contact tops the list of one of the most crucial form of sending a message across.

Some of my participants find it difficult to make eye contact with their audience.  When a person presents in front of say 2-3 people, they are comfortable to talk.  But when this number exceeds to about 10 or more people, the presenter finds it very hard to focus and concentrate to their trail of thoughts and lose out on confidence of speech.  This also results in stage fright and loss of confidence.

Labelled in one of the non-verbal component of communication process, making an eye contact with your audience indicates that you are focused and paying attention.  It means that you are actually listening to what the other person has to say.

So when I take a communication or pres…

Smart Cities & Future of Smart Governance

Recently, I have been approached to provide my insights in the current topic of Smart Cities & the future of good Governance. 

In order to understand the need of creation of smart cities and for those of you who are new to the topic, we need to understand how cities have evolved over a period of time.When we look back in history, we find that every historical period is characterized by the emergence and development of cities in connection with economic and social conditions.The practice of developing cities is called urbanization.

According to a UN report in year 2014, it has been projected that “urbanization combined with the overall growth of world's population could add another 2.5 billion people to urban populations by 2050 - out of this percentage, close to 90% of the population will be demographically based in African and Asian countries.” With more than half of the world’s population residing in cities, there is an increase of human interactions with the environment.